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This is me, Lala (lᴂlᴧ)

Born in IRAN, she began her art career at very young ages by taking some classes in oil painting and It continued with self-practice on oil panting and making some hand crafts through secondary school.

finishing secondary school,  she started a 4-year professionally busy life style in different type of artistic activities including, drawing, oil painting, watercolour painting, pottery, TAFE interior decoration courses, photography, and some sessions in art history. By all these experiences, it emerged to Lala that she is into watercolour painting as her major field while she kept a great passion for pottery and sculpture.

Then moving to Turkey, she continued to work on watercolour and at the same time she took a serious drawing course focusing on basics. Furthermore, she had this opportunity to pass some courses on photography. Meanwhile, she also started to gain some experiences with pastel painting.

During all these years, Lala shown her art works in a couple of exhibitions either as solo or group of artists. Also she started some private teaching classes for younger watercolourists.

Lala is excited to be involved in many fine art activities.

Although her art works evolved so many during her career, but there is still a long way for she to go through; all new, challenging, and joyful.


Print Exhibitions:

  • Finalist for “Emerging artist award exhibition” at Forty-five downstairs(2022)

  • gallery Group exhibition at “Sight 8 Gallery”(2022)

  • Shortlist for “Print Council of Australia Print Commission” (2022)

  • Exhibition in Rey Area “RMIT University” (2022)

  • Bookish Exhibition, at “Print Council of Australia”, Melbourne (2021)

  • Remix printmaking, at “RMIT University”, Melbourne (2020)

  • Printmaking, at “Forty-five downstairs gallery”, Melbourne, December (2019)

  • Diploma of Visual Arts Poster Show (2019)


Other Media Exhibitions:

  • 1st Olympiart, hosted by IWS (=International Watercolour Society), India(2019)

  • Group watercolour exhibition, Brisbane (2018)

  • “INSANCIL Fotoğraf Sergisi” Group Photography exhibition, Turkey (2017)

  • The solo watercolour exhibition, Turkey (2015)

  • Group, Watercolour Painting IWS 2nd Annual Watercolour Exhibition, Iran (2014)

  • Group, Watercolour Painting Tehran, Iran (2014)

  • Two group Pottery Exhibitions, Iran (2013)



2020  Bachelor of Arts -printmaking, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia

2019  Visual Art, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia 

Photo of the artist
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