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Home Studio During COVID-19 Pandemic

My super excitement for starting a bachelor of fine art at RMIT university did not last long as this novel coronavirus hits everything so hard. While many may enjoy studying online, I should say it has been too much of trouble for art students by losing their access to their studies at uni-campus. However, things are going along and university encouraged us to set up our basic printmaking studio at home. So let’s see how look like my studio these days:

I set up my pop-up studio on the dining table in the kitchen.

I pack and unpack my tools every day kept in a large box under the laundry benchtop.

Garage has become such a nice handy place to hang my prints while drying :)

Even sometimes I set up my photography equipment in my multi-purpose kitchen/studio.

Alternatively, I use the bathtub for soaking paper.

Though it has not been really easy to shift from on-campus study to this basic home studio, I would like to thank my teachers at RMIT for helping and pushing us to adapt with this unprecedented situation, getting things rolling.

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