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Sculptural Coptic Stitch with Multiple Signature

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

This project is about the consumer culture that affects any aspect of our lives and encourages the customers to buy extra supplies and materials. For the three years I lived in Melbourne; I collected several free advertising magazines from different shops. Each time I collect them, I tell myself that I will read them, use the content and recipes, but unfortunately, they end up on my bookshelves. So finally, for this project, I chose to use them with a purpose. Motivated by unread magazines, I decided to create a sculptural book exactly replicating the pile of magazines.

These are the Coptic stitch’s steps that I follow.

As the tread passes through signatures, the height of the pile in the spine becomes higher than the forage. I slightly changed my plan to solve this problem by changing a simple Coptic stitch book to the Do Si Do Coptic stitch book.

I ended up stitching 202 signatures together for this book.

The whole book turned out lovely and so fragile. Thus, I decided to make a box to keep it safe. After several trials and errors, finally, I finished a perfect box. The photos below show the steps I follow.

Finished book photos:

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