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Turn me on_ (Stab Binding)

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

In this project, I make a flipbook. Instead of using recycled materials, I decided to use one of my old projects. The idea of making a flipbook makes me think about the GIFs I created by photoshop in 2019. I believe that flipbooks are kind of low-tech GIIFs. So, printing GIFs images in copies to make a flipbook is going to be exciting.

The original GIF does not have a name, but I found the funny, twisted name when I was thinking about this work and its mechanism. I call it “turn me on” 😊

This is my designed GIF.

As the number of pages that I stitch is high, I choose the simple pattern.

After adding the holes to the pages, it is helpful to flatten the area around the holes by bone folder.

In this stage, I am starting prepper covers.

As a nice touch, I decided to add the book name as embossed on the front cover.

Gluing the piece of tread help to strength the joint.

It is crucial to put covers under the weight to completely dry.

Now everything is ready to start sewing stitches.

Finished book photos:

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