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Festival of Colours-(Zine)

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

The idea of this work came to my mind when one of my friends was looking for ready to paint images to entertain herself during lockdown 6. So, I decided to design a series of zines in the theme of colour with a surprise image on the hidden pages that are ready to paint. So, I decided to create six volumes with different six colours, each for one lockdown I experienced in Victoria.

I wish to have an opportunity to screen print these images at uni. But because of the lockdown, there was no access. So instead, I used the screen print filters to make pictures look like screen-printed one.

Here are the details of the surprise images—all ready to paint

On the left photo, you can see all the colorful zines pages. On the right photo, there are ready to paint images.

Here is the black edition folded. Again, I used the same simple fold that I used in previous posts.

All editions are ready and folded.

A belly band gathers all together beautifully.

P.S.: The pale colour palette is intentional as I wanted to create a screen-print-like effect in this series (the theme of this work is “Melbourne Lockdowns”, and I did not like the colours to look vivid and lively).


All images downloaded from Pexels

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