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Altered Book_01

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

This is one of the enjoyable assignments I have ever had. The project gives me an opportunity to make book sculptures by cutting through pages. Sometimes, I use the images in the book or at another time I completely disregard the book’s images and texts to regain a new purpose for it.

I looked at different artists’ work with the same working theme. I found Alexander Korzer-Robinson’s works and Brian Dettm's works fascinating.

For this project, I was searching books like Encyclopedias or Dictionaries in Op shops. I found a good deal in “Red cross op shop” on Moonee pond. I bought a bag of books just for $6. I feel lucky that day😊 .

“Oxford children’s book of famous people” was one of them. I found it perfect for this project.

I started to cut the front page.

I marked each page that has interesting photos which help to find it easier when I start cutting. I made sure to choose images that do not cover each other after I carve all pages.

I made a frame on the grayboard to use as a template to mark the cutting area on each page easier.

I started to carve into the book pages and left the images that I marked.

At this stage, I finished ¼ of the book pages. I continued to cut pages after pages and kept marked images after images.

I used clamps to keep the cutting pages together.

Finally, I finished all the pages.

Tip: After I finished the cutting, I found that the pages did not look flat enough, so I put the book underweight for a couple of days.

I thought if the last page becomes black, it would give a better contrast to the remaining images. So, I glued down the black paper on the last page.

As the book has a hardcover, I used a piece of sandpaper to smooth the cutting ages on the front page.

As a final touch to make it look more professional, I used corner protectors in each corner of the book 😉.

This is the final look of my altered book. The result is more like sculpture and the actual book is without any changes in colour. Furthermore, I did not add any drawing into the book. I find this technique so interesting because I can see inside of the book in the second and have a kind of 3D look. Looks like an old TV box 😊 .

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