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Making bookbinding cloth part02:

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

As I found the last book cloth making technique a bit tricky, I searched for another method. I found it easier but in a much expensive way. However, I had the best result. I gave it a try. 😉


  • Steel ruler

  • Sharp scissors

  • Baking paper

  • Acid-free tissue paper or Japanese paper

  • Fabric

  • Iron heatnbond ultrahold iron-on

I flattened the fabric to make it wrinkle-free.

I set the iron in medium heat. I placed the fabric face down on the iron board.

I cut the Iron heatnbond smaller than the fabric size. I faced the rough side of the Iron heatnbond down on the fabric (It should be noticed that if you lay heatnbond down on the right side, you should read the written part easily).

I Ironed each part for 10 seconds. At this stage, I was able to see the part of the Iron heatnbond attached to the fabric.

I peeled the top layer off.

At this part, I laid down the tissue paper on it and ironed it until I was able to see the full shape of Iron heatnbond boundaries.

(My experiment: This time I used Japanese paper but next time I am going to use some lighter paper like tissue paper to get a better result)

The book cloth is flat and beautiful.

I just trimmed the edges. It is ready to use.

I watched this video to learn how to do this method:

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