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Updated: Jun 23, 2020

One of the most exciting experiences that I have recently had was doing collage. Since last year I have been collecting different books and magazines that I found here and there for the collage project that I had in mind. During the first semester of this year, I got the opportunity to start working on it. Making collage is like sculpting for me. I enjoy it a lot and I can keep working on it for hours.

As my Mokulito and Lithography, I chose a human portrait as a theme of the place. The human face is such a rich source of emotions & feelings, times passed, nationality, and even people's quality of life. I started to cut different parts of the face from those books and magazines and mix them together by each combination trying to create a different kind of look and personality.

These set of works were a walk through themes of colour and place. Each face image that I used had a different story related to a specific time, culture, and place. My challenge was collage them while I did not want to shift away too much from their original characteristics. The other challenge that I struggled with was the scale of photos that I had. In this series I tried to use an exact photo from the books and magazines without changing the scale of them, therefore it took quite a long time to find a good match for each one.

Joe Rudko and Amir H. Fallah are two artists that my works here are mainly inspired by. Joe Rudko artworks are great examples of collage to look at. Amir H. Fallah is an American Iranian pop art artist. Sharing the same cultural background and familiar elements in his works kind of impressed me. Although he does painting, his works have inspired me for my collages as they surprisingly resemble large scale collages from a certain distance.

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