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Collagraphs Project #1-Part 1

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

For this project, I continued working on the same concept as my Mokulito and Lithography; human portrait as a theme of the place. The human face is a mysterious source of emotions & feelings, times passed, nationality, and even people's quality of life. I chose one of my own self-portraits from 2018 painted in gouache and watercolour as a starting point.

I sketched the face on a thick piece of paper and the hair on some other paper with a parallel pattern. I scissored them into small pieces, then glued them down on cardboard. I used sand to create a kind of different texture for the eyes.

When elements dried out on the cardboard, I applied a layer of diluted “Gloss medium & varnish” to make it water resistance. Then I let it again to dry out.

My matrix was ready to ink up. I have used both relief and intaglio methods to ink up my Collagraph matrices. I used an old brush to cover all parts of my plate. I also added colour in some part by roller.

First proof did not come up well. Though I used the baren and bone folder, I think I did it in the wrong way so that the pressure in some areas made an unwanted pattern on my paper.

For the next one I mostly used baren and this time I was more cautious with the pressure that I applied on the plate and paper. Finally, I was happy with the result.

Tip: If the oil-based inks/paints were not thick enough, thicken it up with adding a small amount of whiting or talc powder.

Tip: To loosen the printing inks, it's good to add linseed oil.

A great inspiration for me was SARAH AMOS. Her prints are like a window to the collagraph world. Videos on her web page provide a detailed how-to her technique.

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