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Collagraphs Project #1-Part 2

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

To expand my experiment, I started to make another plate. Following my interest, this time I considered using textile colours and texture.

First, I did a little bit of research for the geometric patterns that I can use for multiple printing.

I am fond of Iranian traditional rug patterns. So, for my purpose, I bought some ribbons with similar patterns and different textures.

I glued them down on the plate. For creating various textures I used sand, fabric, and thick paper.

After all got dried on the cardboard, I applied a layer of diluted “Gloss medium & varnish” to make it water-resistant. Then I let it dry out.

My matrix was ready to ink up. I used both relief and intaglio methods to ink up these matrices. I used an old brush to cover all parts of my plate. I also added colour in some part by roller.

I used baren to add pressure on the plate and paper. And the outcome was quite satisfactory.

To create a relatively large image from this smaller piece, I considered Repetition, Scale and Materiality.

I am heavily inspired by ELIZABETH GOWER artworks, especially her collage in ‘Prismatics’ 2006-07 exhibition and also her exhibition in Geelong Gallery in 2018. Her geometric patterns have fascinated me and encouraged me to continue working on symmetrical patterns and study of the relationship between colours and forms.

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