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Concertina Book_01 (Butterfly Family)

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

In this project, I inspired by the collages that I made during spring break. I called this series, “Butterfly Family”. The plan is to display a series of three concertina books, which have been kept together by the belly band.

I prepared all the collages that I want to use in this work.

I bought the largest paper that I could find (to make pages from one piece of paper).

I measured and cut all pages, then I folded them by following this pattern.

(I had a plan to use six images for each book, so I needed one-fold for each one)

I glued down images to fold pages. Now, they are ready for the next step.

In this step, I was going to measure pages and prepare the hard case.

I prepared three per cover in the same size.

Cover dimensions = height of page + 6mm x width of pages+ 6mm

I beveled all corners and edges of the grayboard with sandpaper.

I draw the measurement on the back of the buckram.

I glued down each grayboard and placed them on the right spot on the back of the buckram.

I wrapped it in baking paper and put it underweight.

I used ruler width as a guide to trim away all excess ages of buckram.

I trimmed off the corner.

Note: leave a thickness of grayboard+1 mm from each corner.

Now it is time to glue down the ends.

It is important to press down the corner by the bone folder.

I glued down long edges as well. I used a bone folder to fold it toward the centers. I had to make sure the edges stick to the board completely.

When I finished this stage, I wrapped it in baking paper and put it underweight. (And let it dry out)

Now, it is time to design pages. For these papers, I had a plan to cut off a paper in three different patterns.

First, cut off design: I cut off each butterfly wing in the way that they have a place to move like they are free to fly.

After I finished all cutting it was time to glue down pages to a hardcover. But before that, I glued down the black paper to the inside part of each cover (that when I move the butterfly wings in each end, the black paper appears underneath).

I carefully glued down pages to the covers.

At this stage, I realised that this design is too simple, so I added hollow squares on each page.

Second, cut off design: In this one, I decided to cut off wave shapes all over pages like the butterflies flying in the sky.

I followed the same steps to glue down covers to pages.

Third, cut off design: For the last one, I felt more confident with hips of practice. So, I wanted to cut off as much as I could.

It was so fun. I spent a lot of time on this project, but it worth it.

I glued down the pages into the cover.

The books are ready. Hooray

After all, I appreciated that each of these three books has different personalities and I like the fact that they have similar characters to connect them. They are also a good record for me as my confidence and technique grow 😉.

For the belly band, I chose floral patterned ribbons. I measured and cut pieces and I sewed them in the shape of a cross. I also sewed pieces of hook and loop fastener tape pieces in each end to tighten the belly band well.

Here are the photos of the finished pieces:

Here is the list of artist that I am interested in:

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