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One of my challenges in linocut printing is transferring the image as accurately as possible onto Lino Block. After hours of searching, I finally found a very good practice on youtube. In this technique, you can transfer a photocopied image onto linoleum applying “Acrylic polymer gloss varnish”.

  • First of all, have a black and white photocopy or laser-printed copy of the image ready.

  • Even your linoleum surface as much as possible using sandpaper.

  • Apply a layer of acrylic gel medium with a brush or a roller on Lino Block. Make sure the whole area is covered.

  • Place the printed side of your paper on top of the gel (face-down).

  • Use your hand to press it a little bit first and then use a flat wooden tool or a bone folder to burnish it.

  • Let it dry out.

  • Apply water to dam the paper.

  • Gently rub the paper by a brush or your finger. Be careful not to disturb the transferred image by too much rubbing.

  • Rub until you can see the image clearly.

  • It is ready to be carving with tools.

This is my finished linocut matrix.

I started to make a proofing.

This is my first proofing

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