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Monoprints Project #1-Part 2

Updated: May 24, 2020

Having an experience of printing with a press machine makes it really hard to print something satisfactory at home studio. Looking for better quality works, I started experimenting on different types of papers as well as printing on top of those papers I previously printed background on them using RMIT printmaking studio press machine. To be honest, it was so disappointing at the beginning and took a long time to get used to in this situation.

Printing more pieces using my stencil.

There is a limiting rule when using water-based and oil-based colours together. We can put oil-based paint on top of water-based unless otherwise, the water-based paint will peel off. Considering the fact that my prints at RMIT printmaking studio were oil-based, I had to sort of start over using just water-based paints.

Starting over, this time I used Gelli Plate and water-base colour to finish this assignment.

After all, this is how things are going on at home studio :)

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