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Monoprints Project #1-Part 3

Using the Gelli plate and acrylic have their own challenges. The trickiest one is that the acrylic paint dries fast, so it is hard to apply an even layer of colour on the Gelli plate with a foam roller. Furthermore, after applying colour on the Gelli plate it dries quickly and the outcome will not be what I wanted in the first place. To overcome this situation, I used ”Drying Retarder Medium”. Mixing it with colours gave me enough time to work on the plate. Another thing that I realised through this project was that it does not need to soak the papers in a bath with this technique. It works better for me when the paper is dry.

To begin, I chose one of my stencils and I started with a blue colour. The stencil that I chose was a window pattern. I coloured it in blue to illustrate the blue sky framed by the window.

I rolled acrylic all over the Gelli plate, then put the stencil on it.

I initially printed it on a spare piece of paper to get the excess paint off and then I lifted the stencil, therefore it gave me a range of blue tone and patterns on the Gelli plate. Finally, I covered the parts that were unwanted and it got ready to be printed.

I should say It turned out great :)

For the other work, I used the bird stencil along with purple and gold acrylic colours, also some ribbon with patterns.

I went through the same process as the previous one by rolling paint all over the Gelli plate, getting off the excess paint and finally making the print.

But this time I took it to the next level and I added another layer of golden acrylic. To do that, I created some texture using ribbon and then printed textured golden colour on top of the purple bird.

Golden colours are usually deemed as a sign of wealth and fame and I wanted to reflect a bit of extra beauty and elegance here.

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