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Monoprints Project #1-Part 4

For my last work, I continued my experiment with the Gelli plate and had a little bit of enjoyable time by letting my imagination run wild. One of the beauties of a monoprint is this fact that the process itself is like a chain of touch-ups. I mean with each plate that I roll up I can print several layers on different papers. It might be the first layer of one work or third layer of another one. It makes them share traces of similar elements and colour tones and the final outcome could be deemed as a collection of works focusing on one matter of subject.

In this work, I used the ghost print of the bird in golden colour on a Gelli plate which created a very light tone. I was really happy with the tone, colour, and its pattern even after the first layer. So, it took me quite a long time to decide what to print as the second layer. Well, I chose a ghost print created by foam wrap in black colour. And thankfully it turned out pretty well. I kind of love it.

In this work, I used a mixture of stencils printed in red. Followed by a ghost print of blue on top of that. I just wanted to have a rich yet light colour tone.

In this work, I rolled black acrylic all over the Gelli plate. Then I put a stencil on it. I used foam wrap to remove the excess ink but this time I made a hollow circle in the middle of foam wrap. It left a pattern and texture that is light enough for the second layer.

This time, I rolled acrylic all over the Gelli plate. I used foam wrap to remove the excess ink. Then I used the coloured foam wrap to print on a paper as the first layer.

The other technique that I used in this series of work was using cellophane. I rolled acrylic all over the Gelli plate. Then I put the cellophane on it. By taking it off, some amazing random patterns appeared on both the Gelli plate and cellophane which I used to print on my works as well. That gave me more opportunity to create different textures and layers and develop on my works.

These are an example of printing on black paper and built up a lighter layer on top of that. This was a challenge that I took to kind of print something not in a routine way of doing things by creating light colour patterns on top of dark background.

These are more examples of my experiment with different colours and textures

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