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Pocket book (postcard storage)

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

For a while, I was looking for a postcard album that I could put all my beloved postcards together (for making a collection). But I could not find any that I really love to buy. When I saw a tutorial about pocketbooks, I knew that I would find one.

I started by measuring the height and width of my postcards. I chose the highest and widest measures as my guide. As I measured the paper, I realised that I could use a whole paper and make a double-sided pocketbook. I was aware of the problem that might cause( by standing the book, the postcards fall down ;) ). So, I should be more careful while turning pages, but as I am the one who uses it, I have no problems with it. For this book, I used two papers to make more pages.

First, I marked papers and folded them carefully.

Then I glued two papers to each other.

Note: I need more practice to fold pages of the pocketbook, especially with ticker papers and various thickness all over the folded pages that make folding harder.

It looks good, 👍

I put them under a heavyweight for an hour to be flatter.

For the cover, I chose black Buckram. I made each book’s cover separately.

I always follow the instructions that I used for the first book I made. (link)

I glued down the first and last pages on the top and bottom covers. In the meantime, I glued down two pieces of ribbon between pages and the book’s covers.

I put it underweight to let it out.

It is ready.

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