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Reduction Variations - Unique states

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Before I started to print the first layer of reduction linocut, I organized resources, technique and ideas for Reduction Variations and unique states. I planned to use collage, Chine Colle, printed images, changing colours, and using different backgrounds for this project. So, I prepare all the paper ready to go.

These photos show the background of the original image. As I did not embed it in the reduction edition, I copied the image with a jet printer on a couple of papers.

I used them for reduction variations.

One of the experiences that I had in this project was changing colours in a couple of Reduction Variations in the way that I printed on black papers so I started with darker grey and the last colour I print was white. In this way, I created a negative image. As I used an oil base it was quite a challenge to manage different colours in each step of reduction.

In this work, I mixed the idea of the resurrection of demons and bushfire in the last year. I used two photos of bushfires and collaged them together and made a background for this work. I wanted to show how the earth became like hell. By using red, orange, and black sky I wanted to show the beauty and beastliness of the bushfire.

This work is one of the trials. I printed just the third and fourth step of reduction on white cartridge paper.

In this work, I used the Chine collé technique to add red fabric to this work.

In next two works I used two monoprint images - that I made before - as a background. I found out the red colour, dead leaves images, and textile pattern in the middle of these works made a great connection with the monochrome image in the foreground.

I called my next work “Shadow” because it did not have clear edges, as I ghost print each step of reduction on this Awagami paper.

Another version of reduction variations that I chose was collage.

The calmness in the face of this woman and the yellowish colour of this image became a good match for the Somerset paper that I used for this work.

Making positive and negative prints gave me the idea of displaying these works together. I glued them on a single Awagami paper.

This work reminds me of the “Yin Yang” sign that it has balance between black and white.

These are overall photos of all Reduction Variations and Reduction linocut editions.

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