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Sketchbook for Pop-up

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

For documenting information and necessary steps into different pop-up methods, I needed to make a sketchbook with a broader spine which would provide enough room to attach as many extra pages as I wanted. As a sampe work that probably will work, I considered the spine of one of the pop-up books that I bought last year. It is a combination of concertina and a kind of accordion book. 😉

I started preparing the book block by gluing down separate pages, like the one I made for a simple concertina book.

At this stage, I started making the extension part that I would glue down near the spine to give it the room to be extended. I cut strips of paper 6cm x the length of pages. I folded them in half.

Pages were flat underweight, and ready for the next step. I took one strip and glued it to the space between pages near the spine, like in the photos. I continued to glue down pieces until I finished all the pages. Like always, I put the book block under the weight to dry out , like so.

While I was waiting for the book block to dry out, I prepared the cover. I used the same principle to make the cover as usual, but, in this case, I used the grey board for covering the spine. Also, because the inside part of the spine is visible and needs more strength to hold all pages, I glued down a 250-gsm paper in the inside part.

To attach the cover to the book block, first, I needed to prepare two muscles. I cut strips 6cm x the length of pages. This time, I folded them in 2 and 4 cm. I glued 4 cm ages to the book block and let it dry underweight before gluing the other age to the book cover.

I glued down the 2cm pages to the book covers at the same time I glued down the first and last book block pages to the book cover. I let it to dry out under heavyweight like the way I show in the image.

And here we are, It is ready to use.

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