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Trans-Generational Collage part 1

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

“Looking for freedom “

Dimensions: 30 x 42 cm

This project was a great opportunity to expand my collage adventure to the next level. First thing I grabbed some of my books, photos, and other material that I had at home. I spent a fair amount of time just looking at photos for ideas and inspiration. Among all the material sources, two female photos captured my eyes the most. So, I focused on developing ideas that could engage those photos.

As the title of this work may imply, it is about what freedom may feel like in different social circumstances. As a female artist that has lived in different countries each with a discrete culture, I got the chance to observe and understand how an entirely different social environments can affect women's life and career. It could be as harsh as everyday struggling for a little change and sometimes fighting for the most basic human rights. I found that the sense of freedom is not something to measure easily when it comes to individual experiences.

However, I chose different materials and concepts each to be kind of representing something that one may view themselves freer if they achieve or own it:

  • The goldish ribbon: Money

  • House: Getting married and having a family

  • Fabric ribbon: Having a job

  • Mountains: Dreams and wishes

  • Green velvet ribbon: Fame

  • Flowers: Nature, away from cities

  • Bird girl: Symbol of flying and freedom.

followings are step by step walk through this work:

These are some material that I used for this work:

Trans-Generational Collage allows working with a huge source of photos together and creating the new interpreter of them. I decided to hand the production of analogue collages to challenge myself more. I try to use the various conceptual and aesthetic resonances of different eras of print technology mixed with contemporary images and materials. In this collage, I used origami paper from dollar shop with Japanese woodcut patterns on them, as well as modern and historical images in books, different ribbons, and fancy floral paper.

These are some books that I used for this project:


Deborah Kelly and Dorothee Golz are two artists that my works here are mainly inspired by. These two artists are great examples of the collage-making artist to follow.

Their works have feminine themes with different historical eras sources.

These are my supporting works:

Before and during working on this project I was working on smaller ones to develop my ideas and give it a go to see if it pans out.

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