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Trans-Generational Collage part 2

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

“Resurrection of demons”

Dimensions: 56 x 45 cm

In this collage, I combined both historical and contemporary print images and some other found printed references.

During stage 4 of lock-down, My (uni) teacher sent me a “lucky dip” (random photo references) that included fantastic pages of some books and magazines with some print works on them. The idea of this work came to my mind when I looked at this random collection with some religious theme of old woodcuts and engraving images. They gave me the idea of ‘Resurrection of demons” and the last day of human life on the earth. Demons took control of everything, people were suffering, some people tried to defeat demons, everything changed on the earth dramatically.

After I was searching and looking at other artists collage works for inspiration, I came up with this idea of assembling my collages as a pop-up book. I never made one, so I started to research and looked up YouTube for instructions on how to make a pop-up book. “The pop-up channel” by Duncan Birmingham was the main source that helped me to start my work. Birmingham was a genius in his field. If you are patient enough, his step by step tutorials is just the right for getting it right.

Firstly, I made the base of the book. Then started to make mussels with thick paper to build more layers on the base.

I planned to make various layers so that I can glue down as much as images that I want.

For the first layer, I chose images of modern houses

For the second layer, I glued down images of two demons trying to abduct humans.

As I added more layers, it gave me more rooms to glue down more images.

These are photos I used in the foreground and background of my work in the early stages:

These are a little bit more details into what I have been working through to create extra complexity to my work.

These are the fore and background of my works in progress.

I wanted to create kind of end-of-the-world like scene in this work by using skeletons, demons, birds, and snakes. In the end, I covered every inch of the base with heads as a symbol of the human population on the earth. All the photos were black and white except buildings in the background and the snake in the foreground layer. I chose these two photos in colour as a symbol of the present time in contrast to the black and white disaster scenes. For the finishing part, I added some dark shadows to make it stronger.

Here was my final piece with more finishing details:

These are some books and images that I used for this project:

This is my supporting work:


This work is mainly inspired by two oil paintings by Hieronymus Bosch named “the garden of earthly delights” and “The Last Judgment”. These two works have a theme and atmosphere that are close to the theme of my pop-up book. As I looked closer at each figure in Bosch paintings, I found these paintings more fascinating and rule-breaking and they gave me more courage to be brave and challenge myself.

"the garden of earthly delights" by Hieronymus Bosch - oil on oak panels

"The Last Judgment" by Hieronymus Bosch - c.1482 - Oil-on-wood triptych

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