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Flag Book (Family Time)

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

This work was responding to the exploration of my childhood memory as a narrative. It was one of the exciting projects for me to use one of my playing cards in a suitable bookbinding method. The exciting part of playing card design for me was that they are like family. This idea was related to my childhood memory as, for years, I played with my extended family on holidays. Each family member was named after one of the characters in the cards. Since then, the idea of manipulating the characters kept in my mind.

I had planned to collage the cards. I started with a cut of the main four icons in cards to erase the black and red element in the cards.

Then I started collaging. I tried a different layout, and finally, I decided to collage half of the images and kept the other half in the way it was in the original cards.

After I finished making collages, I painted the background around the collage part to bold the images.

For an extra touch, I glued some smaller size cards on the back of some cards. All the flags were ready, so it was time to start assembling the flag book.

I measured the paper.

  • The height of concertina pages is the total width of flags that I will glue in one page (in this case, four*width of cards)+ extra millimeters space to help flags move smoothly near each other.

  • For the width of the paper (for four pages), I need to make 8+2 strips (Two external strips will be glued down to covers)

I divided the paper into ten equal parts and folded it like concertina pages

Essential tips to know:

· It is necessary to have an even number of pages.

· Before starting to glue, I made sure two end pages point upwards.

· Do not glue down any flag on the two end pages.

· Flags could be any length, but they need to be longer than the width of concertina pages.

As I have four flags on each page, I divide each page into four, so I specified the space of each card. I started with the back. I used backing paper between each page to protect pages from sipping glue. I applied PVA glue with a brush on flags and placed them down. The order in which I laid out flags was from the back to the front. I glued down all the first and third flags page by page.

I turned the book around, and from front to back, I glued down all second and fourth flags.

Then I put it underweight to dry it out.

For the cover, I used a standard concertina cover. So, I just needed to make the cover and glue it to my flag book.

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