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Rain Stencils

Andy Goldsworthy's Work
Andy Goldsworthy's Work

Taking advantage of Melbourne’s awful winter, the first project that I started after “stay home safe” was “rain stencils”. I would say that my work here has been inspired by British sculptor, photographer, and environmentalist, Andy Goldsworthy.

Funny enough, it did not rain but poured. So, considering my relatively small stencil, I used water spray aimed having a more presentable outcome.

The pattern that I chose for my stencil is derived from some Iranian traditional windows that I have recently started to research and experiment on. Actually, it reminds me of some faded memories from my own childhood, when brightness of sun was dancing and pouring in colour behind those windows in my grandma’s house. [Check out my post Stencils - A Method to Create Patterns]

These photos show my stencils faded away after a short amount of time.

I also came up with an idea of using oil to create marks on tiles, after having a BBQ on the weekend (no friends invited, no rules broken though :). The oil caused the marks to last longer on the tiles.

I tried different stencils to create a diverse collection.

The stencil forms reappear and change with subsequent rainfalls on the tiles.

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